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Dr. Michael HatzakisWhether you come to us with a back injury, chronic headaches, a neck problem or a general orthopedic or neurological condition, the ROI team will customize the rehabilitation program around your needs.   Our physicians are skilled at guiding you through the recovery process.   ROI has many skilled providers coordinated around your recovery goals and needs.   We offer a highly skilled physical therapy department, and can be coordinated with our talented massage therapists, psychological counseling services, nutrition and diet consultation, as well as acupuncture to manage pain and inflammation without drugs.  And, when needed, we offer all forms of therapeutic injections from ultrasound to spinal injection procedures.    We also offer advanced diagnostic services such as electrodiagnostic testing and diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound.  See the list to the left.

The ROI care team philosophy is built on three basic qualities: attention to the needs of our patients, teamwork, and customer service.

At ROI, we have many providers, many skills, but one goal, to help you achieve better function and quality of life:

  • Physicians:  Four board certified physicians in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Michael Hatzakis, Dr. Igor Uritskiy, Dr. Kevin Berry and Dr. Erik Brand are here to assist you in your path to full recovery and will help diagnose, orchestrate and direct your care.
  • Nutrition and Dietary counseling:  Wendy Caamano a registered dietician to help optimize your health and function through diet.  Official dietician for the Seattle Storm WNBA Basketball team.
  • Psychological services– Kathy Norman, a licensed psychotherapist, provides skilled psychological supportive services because your mental health affects everything you do.
  • Strength and Conditioning and Fitness evaluations–  Darci Walthew, MS, CSCS is a Master’s level Strength and Conditioning Specialist offering personalized strength and fitness programs to help anyone improve physical performance and capacity.  She will educate, empower, and energize you about your body and movement..
  • Physical Therapy Department–  ROI offers a full physical therapy department run by Greg Fore PT with 10 years experience working with orthopedic and myofascial disorders and is tightly coordinated with the entire ROI team.
  • Therapeutic Yoga– Robin Rothenberg is an internationally respected Certified Yoga Therapist and author bringing over 25 years of experience to her yoga therapy practice here at ROI
  • Massage therapy– ROI offers a strong and diverse massage team of four exceptional therapists with over 20 years of experience.  Individual personalized care guide our care. Pete Connolly, Kiley Roesch, Leah Goldberg and Amanda Tapp
  • Sports Medicine – Dr. Erik S. Brand, M.D., M.Sc. provides complete non-operative care of sports and activity-related conditions of muscle, bone, joints and nervous system for adults and adolescents. He specializes in guided diagnostic and therapeutic injections utilizing musculoskeletal ultrasound, x-ray and electro-diagnostic medicine.
  • Regenerative Medicine Program – ROI is using state-of-the-art regenerative techniques to move beyond steroid injections to help the body accelerate the healing process of injured tendons and joints. See the Regenerative Medicine program page for more information.


Your first visit

Please arrive 15 minutes early on your first visit to allow us to gather the necessary insurance information. We try to keep paperwork to a minimum, however, many forms are required by insurance companies, automobile accident companies, labor and industries, and federal privacy acts. You can find many of these forms on this website, and can complete them in advance of your visit, go to forms. We also ask you to fill out an on-line pain disability questionnaire before your first visit and after your last visit, go to feedback. As we are a fully paperless and automated office, any records you bring in will be scanned and returned to you. We don’t hold onto images such as MRI’s or X-Rays as, in most cases, we access these directly from their sources. Please be sure to let us know who you would like us to communicate with in course of your care, for example, we like to keep your primary care physician advised of your progress.

When seeing a physician, you will be brought back to an exam room and may be met by a medical assistant who will gather vital information. We use an automated medical record system, so once you provide that information, we will not ask it again.

Whichever provider you see, your first visit will be an extended one in which we hear about your problem, the care you’ve received in the past, and start to develop a treatment plan. Your care is a process and we may not be able to develop a full plan or appreciation for the depth of your problems or goals on the first visit. However, our goal is to prioritize your issues so we can address the most important ones first.

We also ask if can take a moment and fill out an on-line survey, feedback, to let us know about your experience. It is our desire to continually learn how to improve our care. If you are very happy and would like to add a testamonial, we would like to post this on our web site. If you have feedback on how to make your experience better, you can do this anonymously as well.


Coordination of care

Our clinic is build around teamwork. If we take on your care, it is often coordinated with other providers, either within this clinic or with other clinics. If geography is a limitation, or you have prior relationships with other providers, we are happy to coordinate with them for your benefit.


L & I cases and work related injuries

In the case of new injuries, we are happy to take on your care. If you would like us to assume care for an older injury or one for which you have received care before, we may need to review your prior care, your medical records, and your claim status before we can promise to take on your continued care.


Medication management

Our physicians are skilled in managing all forms of pain medication, including narcotic pain medications. We also offer detox options, (if you feel you would like to stop taking pain medications). Our clinic offers other means to manage pain. However, we do not prescribe pain medications on the first visit. This allows us to review your records and contact your current prescribing physician. We prescribe pain medications only in the context of a rehabilitation program. Once that program is completed, the management is handed back to your primary prescribing physician. Our goal with medications is get you better so we can take you off all your pain related medications, or, optimize them so your primary physician can more easily manage them. But we can only prescribe pain medications if you already have an established relationship with a prescribing physician. In other words, we cannot be your primary prescribing physician. We only presribe pain medications if we feel they will aid in your recovery. We may offer you other options to help you manage your pain. If we cannot manage your pain medications, we will give you the choice to either have your medications managed by your primary prescribing physician, or, we will give you some options to detox, in either case, our primary goal is to improve your function through rehabilitation.


Nutrition Therapy

We provide nutrition therapy with Registered Dietitian Wendy Caamano. She provides whole food nutrition counseling  for many different disease states such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypesrtension, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and much more. She also works with clients for sports nutrition, nutrition during pregnancy, food allergies, anti-inflammatory diets and weight management. A balanced, whole food diet is essential to living a long, disease free life.


Fitness and Nutrition Packages

Rehab Options is excited to announce Fitness and Nutrition packages to help you attain your health goals. Our very own registered dietician, Wendy Caamano, and strength and conditioning specialist, Darci Walthew have teamed up to offer these affordable packages to assist you in your quest for a healthy lifestyle. During your initial evaluations they will identify and address areas in your diet and fitness program to focus on, helping you to attain your goals. Follow up sessions will teach you how to incorporate changes into your life as well as provide motivation and support. These packages offer real solutions for healthy changes, not just another fad diet or extreme exercise plan. Click here for package information.


What You Can Do

Because you are the primary focus of our care, your active participation is essential to a successful rehabilitation program. The following guidelines are highly recommended to enhance the achievement of your goals:

  • Follow through with any prescribed home exercise programs
  • Report any significant changes in symptoms, medication, and function
  • Keep all scheduled appointments
  • Arrive on time to all appointments, providing maximum time with your therapist


Clinic Hours of Operation

We are open for appointments:
7:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday-Wednesday,
7:30 am – 4:30 pm Thursday,
7:00 am – 12:00 pm on Friday.

Please note that our phones are only staffed from 9:00 to 5:00.

PT sessions:
7:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday-Thursday,
7:00 am – 1:30 pm on Friday.

Patients who work during the day are occasionally seen after 5:00 pm. Our regular office number is answered by an answering device after hours. If you have an emergency, please call the answering service directly at (425)251-3982.


Questions and Problems

Our goal is to provide you with personalized, quality health care. We want to make your visits to our offices as comfortable as possible by providing privacy and time for your examination and consultation. Please share with us your questions, complaints, or suggestions for how we can improve our service. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


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