Psychotherapy, Psychological ServicesJust like your physical health, your mental and emotional health affects everything you do… and everyone you know. It is very common for people struggling with physical difficulties, whether from injury, disease, acute or chronic pain, or physical limitations, to experience parallel problems such as anxiety, depression, drug or alcohol abuse, post traumatic stress, insomnia, and/or relationship problems. These challenges, if not addressed, can prevent you from making progress with your physical care.

Psychotherapist Kathy Norman, M.S. is here to assist and support our patients with their unique challenges. In order to gain the most effective, successful results, it is often recommended that an integrated approach be utilized. When psychological factors are not attended to aggressively, progress is too often diminished. A comprehensive, coordinated approach to healing and improved health is vital to achieve complete function and long-term well- being.

Kathy utilizes a collaborative approach to counseling and therapy, which emphasizes and employs the individual strengths, abilities, and resources of each patient. By exploring possibilities, Kathy’s clients develop the skills necessary to achieve positive change and improvement.

Psychological therapy

By adding psychological therapy to aid in the management of physical difficulties, you may experience greater results and enhanced feelings of personal control and empowerment.

Since Kathy is not only an experienced psychotherapist, but also a personal fitness trainer, she is uniquely qualified to address both mental and physical health issues. She works closely with the professional partners at ROI for the most comprehensive program available. This expansive team of specialists offers seamless access to needed treatments for our patients. At ROI we believe that integrated treatments are an important key to unlocking possibilities.


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