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Sports Medicine“First steps, to finish line… faster”

Regardless of age, injury, fitness or experience level, our team of experts has the tools, expertise and a coordinated team-based approach to individually tailor a plan that can to help you be your best and get to the functional activity level you enjoy.

Coordinated Pathways of Care:

First Steps: Individually tailored to get you started in a safe and effective manner, building a foundation for daily activities. This gentle and welcoming pathway starts with an individual assessment of your goals and abilities, and coordinates a team of professionals.

Finish Line: For performance oriented individuals. Whether you are aiming for the high school varsity or the Olympic trials, we work in coordination with your coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sports and Activity Medicine Specialist?

I’m not an athlete- Is Sports & Activity Medicine right for me?

Do Sports Medicine Specialists only treat competitive athletes?

I just have knee pain- what can a Sports & Exercise Medicine Specialist do for me?

Exercise hurts my bad back- what can ROI offer me?

I have a concussion- what would my pathway look like?

Who is involved in the Sports and Exercise Medicine Team?


What do Sports Medicine Specialists do as Team Physicians?

Most Sports Medicine Specialists also serve as Team Physicians for local and/or national teams and clubs. These physicians must fulfill published qualifications with the following responsibilities:

  • Pre-participation physical examination
  • Injury assessment and management
  • Care of sports-related and general medical needs of athletes
  • Special populations (geriatric, disabled, women, youth, etc.)
  • Sports psychology issues
  • Education and counseling on illness & injury prevention
  • Coordinating care with other members of the sports medicine team to include athletic trainers, physical therapists, personal physicians, other medial and surgical specialties, and other ancillary personnel of specialty care and rehabilitation
  • Communication with athletic trainers, coaches, school administration, as well as athletes and their families


I’m not an athlete- Is Sports & Exercise Medicine right for me?

Yes! Life is an athletic event. Daily activities such as chasing after kids, lifting at work or even prolonged sitting can benefit from the same technology and approaches used to treat athletes.

Do Sports Medicine Specialists only treat competitive athletes?

No, Sports Medicine Specialists are ideal physicians for the non-athlete as well, and are excellent resources for the individual who wishes to become active or begin an exercise program. For the “weekend warrior” or “industrial athlete” who experiences an injury, the same expertise used for the competitive athlete can be applied to return the individual as quickly as possible to full function.

I just have knee pain- what can a Sports & Exercise Medicine Specialist do for me?

Diagnosis- The doctor will perform a history and physical examination of the knee and related factors such as hip and core muscle strength, ankle pronation and common causes of inflammation such as diet and exercise. Imaging may commonly include diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound, x-ray, or MRI.

Treatment- The doctor will coordinate a team of specialists individually tailored to you. These may include things like:

  • Passive movement-based therapy:
    • Chiropractics
    • Massage Therapy
  • Active movement-based therapy
  • Medical interventions
    • Interventions
      • Tenex
      • Needle tenotomy
  •  Medications
    • Oral
    • Topical
    • Injected

Prevention: Once the main problem is addressed, the doctor will partner with you to develop a life-long plan for participation and wellness incorporating, nutrition, mindfulness and exercise.

Exercise hurts my bad back- what can ROI offer me?

Often times pain in a joint or the back. The strongest evidence for chronic axial low back pain is for exercise and medical management. This is what ROI specializes in.

I have a concussion- what would my pathway look like?

Your first appointment would include a complete history and physical examination to make an accurate diagnosis and assess any related conditions such as pain in the neck, muscle spasm, or other problems that commonly go along with a concussion.

Who is involved in the Sports & Exercise Medicine Team?

  • Erik Brand, MD, MSc
    • Board Certified Sports Medicine Doctor
  • Darci Walthew, CSCS
    • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Kathy Norman
    • Psychotherapist
  • Wendy Caamano, MS, RD, CD
    • Team Dietician, Seattle Storm WNBA
  • Greg Fore, PT
    • Physical Therapist
  • Rehabilitation Options of Issaquah Staff
  • Community Partners
    • Chiropractics
    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Physical Therapy
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Personal Trainers
    • Medical specialists
      • Orthopedic surgeons
      • Primary Care
      • Others





Dr. Brand

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 Sports and Exercise Medicine

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