Thank you for giving me back my life!

Dear Dr. Hatzakis,

Thank you for giving me back my life!

I first came into your practice in the fall of 2012, referred by Dr. Ash Patel, in hopes of resolving the chronic pain/stiffness in my neck and right shoulder. I stayed in your care to optimize my recovery from hip surgery (torn labrum repair) that same winter. Sixteen months may seem a long time to work at being able to resume pain-free normal daily activities, but then it has been a decade or more since pain wasn’t my daily companion.

What I appreciate most is your straightforward, confident approach that gave me hope that I didn’t have to live this way, that a pain-free, active life was an achievable goal. I also appreciate the cheerful compassion of your staff: Erin and Amanda at the front desk (they are so patient with making my calendar synch with all of yours!); Whitney, both at the front desk and in the exam room; Greg, Sydney and Rachel in the physical therapy gym (who worked hard at keeping the exercises from being ho-hum routine); Greg and Kiley in the massage room (love their healing hands!). Having “graduated” from the PT phase, I’m continuing healing and restoration with Darci and Robin, who each in their unique fields are challenging me to think and move differently; I have a few patterns of thinking and moving resulting from years of compensating that they are coaching out of me and replacing with new, pain-free, life-giving habits.

As a bonus, you and your staff really do embrace the team approach and actually coordinate treatment. It’s such a pleasure to walk into an appointment (with any of you) and be able to immediately get to work without having to recite an entire story. Just the highlights suffice which is especially important when beginning to feel better; no need to trigger a pain memory! I’ll also add that you and your staff have the respect of other providers I’ve worked with outside your office.

To whom it may concern, I wholeheartedly recommend your practice to anyone who is interested in full recovery and restoration from injury or surgery. You have within ROI so many resources to promote healing; I’m both incredibly grateful and incredibly honored to have been able to benefit from them.

Again, thank you and God bless you.

Laurie McDonald

The Entire Staff Has Been so Understanding and Kind. They Listen!

In the dictionary the word healing means: ‘To make healthy, whole or sound; restore to health, free from ailment.’

If you choose ROI they understand the true meaning of healing.  The office is set up for patients to heal physically, mentally and spiritually (I’m not talking religion).

I have been a patient of Dr. Hatzakis since 2008.  He and his staff have cared for me through six neck surgeries.  They have endured all the highs and lows right along with me.  The entire staff has been so understanding and kind.  They listen!

I have always got nothing but kindness, love and respect at R.O.I.

Patient for life!


Back Pain: I could not be happier with the care provided to me by Dr. Berry and would recommend him, without reservation!

I went to Dr. Kevin Berry with back pain from a yard work injury.  Dr. Berry examined the results of my MRI and conducted a thorough physical exam to diagnose the cause of my pain. He quickly referred me to a pain specialist and that same week I received an epidural injection that brought pain relief.  He also recommended physical therapy to strengthen core muscles with the goal of preventing a reoccurrence of the pain from my injured disc.  In all of my interactions with Dr. Berry he has taken the time to fully understand the nature of my injury, the pain I was experiencing, the impact it was having on my life and my attitude toward various treatment options.  I appreciated the fact that his first goal was to help lessen my pain and he did it with prudent prescriptions of pain medication. Dr. Berry told me that if the initial pain relief didn’t work, he would try another. All the while he carefully explained how the pain relievers worked and also advised caution.  I respected him for doing that because while we both wanted pain relief, we also did not want to create another problem down the road.

I could not be happier with the care provided to me by Dr. Berry and would recommend him, without reservation, for those people suffering from back injuries or other symptoms that he could treat.


Dr’s That Really Listen

The best thing about seeing Dr. Hatzakis and his staff is that they really listen.  Rehabilitation Options is much more than a name of a medical practice.

Dr. Hatzakis presents options for treatment that you can buy into because your concerns have been heard and given credibility.

In my case, I was reluctant to have surgery before trying less invasive treatments .  As it turned out, surgery was the proper course for me, but I was comfortable with having surgery because I had partnered with members of the ROI staff, including physical and message therapists, to get physically and mentally ready for it.  As a result of that partnership, I rebounded quickly and was off pain medications and back to work ahead of schedule.

I have no reservations about recommended Dr. Hatzakis and any member of his staff to anyone suffering an injury and/or in pain.

Hands down, I would never go anywhere else again!

I am so glad that I found Rehab Options of Issaquah & Dr. Hatzakis when I did.  I had a spinal fusion that went horribly wrong with numerous complications. He listened when many others wouldn’t, was straight forward and had a plan to attack each complication.  He was the first to discover that I had bursitis of the hip and he helped me with it.  When he knew he needed outside help, he sent me to a top shelf Chiropractor. His entire staff is very professional and they have a lot to offer. Hands down, I would never go anywhere else again.


Physical Therapy: I would, and have, recommended them to friends!

I am so glad to have the opportunity to talk about the very caring staff and providers at ROI.

Over the several years I have needed a variety of services for several injuries and chronic migraine pain.  I was very pleased to discover the professional, yet personable and kind, Dr. Hatzakis.  He will assess and treat an injury and then refers the patient to whatever services are best suited for them.

In the physical therapy department, Greg Fore formulates a plan for recovery and really is invested in a positive outcome, often aided by Darci and other members of his team.

Because ROI works from a position of mind-body connection, the emotional component is also explored.  I have had the privilege of working with Kathy Norman, psychotherapist.  Her skills have helped me explore the many connections between physical pain and the way the body deals with it.  She is more than helpful.  She is really concerned about her client’s recovery.

Overall, my experience with ROI has been a positive one.  I am grateful for the continuity of care exercised between all the providers.  I would, and have, recommended them to friends.


The atmosphere of care, unlimited devotion and patience that is provided by Rehab Options entire staff stellar!

Dear Rehab Options of Issaquah:

Willie and I wanted to share with you and your staff our utmost appreciation of the excellent care you provided Willie during this past year since his injury. Your attention and dedication of your patients is outstanding.

Any time we called, we were given immediate attention and scheduled in as soon as possible, often requiring you or your staff to juggle your schedules.

Dr Hatzakis’ care, attention to detail and ability to assess Willie’s situation was exceptional. Willies injury requiring surgery was resolved with the best of outcomes, allowing Willie to lead a normal life and return to work.

Greg in PT and the entire PT staff who helped Willie on his road to recovery were great as well as the entire office staff.

And we both strongly feel we would not have Willie here today, if Greg had not been quick to assess that a problem was occurring with Willie outside of his injury. Without his caring manor and communication to us, Willie most likely would have died from a heart attack. But because of Greg noticing Willie was in distress, we sought medical care and later that day Willie and a Stent put in.

You have given us peace of mind. The atmosphere of care, unlimited devotion and patience that is provided by Rehab Options entire staff stellar!!!!

Thank you all.


 Thank you for giving me back my life!

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